Spatial Sciences

Fall 2019 Spatial Sciences Research Cluster announcement

The UC Davis DataLab has selected geospatial research as one of the focus areas for a Research Cluster for the 2019-2020 academic year. We see this research cluster as an extension of the #maptimeDavis community already active on the UC Davis campus and hope that the cluster will actively support and engage in the #maptimeDavis workshops. 

What is a Research Cluster? A Research Cluster is an interdisciplinary group of researchers (undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, post docs, staff, etc.) that meet to learn and apply concepts and methods with an aim towards furthering their research capabilities. 

What is the focus within the broad topic of geospatial?  We have decided to focus on the concept of change using geospatial tools and data.

How to participate: We will meet biweekly starting Oct. 1 on Tuesdays 10:00-12:00 in the DataLab Classroom (360 Shields Library).

Please send questions to Michele Tobias

#maptimeDavis Skills Workshop Series Schedule

Oct 110:00-12:00Spatial Sciences Research Cluster
Oct 32:00-4:00Install FestDataLab Team
Oct 810:00-12:00AI-Assisted Mapping: Using Facebook’s RapiD OSM EditorCameron Denney, Kaart
@ Facebook
Oct 1510:00-12:00Spatial Sciences Research Cluster
Oct 2210:00-12:00Cloud-computing for Large Geospatial DatasetsLauren Mabe
Oct 2910:00-12:00Spatial Sciences Research Cluster
Nov 510:00-12:00 Map Collection Tour & Library Map Data Projects – Meet at the Map Room in Shields Library Dawn Collings
Nov 72:00-4:00Intro to SQL (non-spatial)Michele Tobias
Nov 1210:00-12:00Spatial Sciences Research Cluster
Nov 1910:00-12:00NASA Develop Program OverviewJose Ochoa
Nov 212:00-4:00Spatial SQLMichele Tobias
Nov 2610:00-12:00Spatial Sciences Research Cluster