Title: DSI Services
Authors: DSI
Modified: 2017-05-03 10:33

# DSI Services

The Data Science Initiative provides training, advice and collaboration services to
researchers (faculty, postdocs, graduate students, staff) on all aspects of
the data-driven and data-enabled research, including:

* Developing research questions and grant proposals
* Using Data Science tools (see [languages](languages.html)
* Obtaining and accessing data (e.g., from Web pages, APIs, databases)
* Structuring data for analysis (e.g., relational databases, NoSQL, text search
engines, Hive, Pig)
* Data management, curation, security and privacy
* Approaches for cleaning and transforming data
* Data analysis via statistical and machine learning and modeling
* Visualization for exploratory data analysis and presentation of results
(web based visualization, dashboards, etc.)
* Computational issues (e.g., parallel computing, algorithmic and software
* Data sharing and availability (via Web APIs, bulk-download, etc.)
* Reproducibility and provenance
* Other Data Science education and implementation resources at UC Davis

## Consulting

Assistance with your data science needs can be addressed through participation
in DSI events, tutorials and workshops. We also offer drop-in [office
hours]({tag}officehours), during which we provide advice on theoretical and technical
matters related to Data Science. Check our calendar as office hours are subject to

If you have general questions regarding data management plans and/or GIS, we
will also refer you to the [Data Management Program][] at the UC Davis
Library. For general statistics we can also refer you to [courses at UC
Davis][] and the [Statistics Lab][] on campus.

[Data Management Program]:
[Statistics Lab]:
[Courses at UC Davis]:

# Education & Training

We aim to help meet the growing industry and academic need for graduates with
Data Science skills by training researchers throughout their career to be
skilled at working with data at all stages of the research pipeline. To that
end, we are developing mini-courses and offer workshops (short seminars, half to full day, or multiple day
modules) that complement the material taught in regular courses, provide
hands-on applications, and present cutting-edge new topics and under development techniques.
Workshop topics depend on the needs of our Data Science community and available
expertise. Workshops are announced here and on our [listserv](signup.html). For a list of prior workshops and associated resources (videos, slides, repositories), see our (workshops page)[].