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# Office Hours

We are available at the DSI Classroom (Shiellds 360) to help with your data science related reserach problems. While drop-ins are welcome, hours are subject to change and we recommend you contact the individual you want to meet with in advance with a brief description of your problem/questions. Not sure who you should meet with? [Contact us]( and we’ll refer you to one of our data scientists.

## Winter 2019

### Mondays 11-noon

* __[Dr. Pamela Reynolds](*: DSI Academic Coordinator.

Pamela can provide resources for learning and applying various topics in data science, and provide help getting started with R for reproducible research.

### Mondays 12-2pm

* __[Dr. Jane Carlen]( DSI Postdoctoral Scholar. R, Git, Python, visualization, statistics, network analysis

Jane is a postdoc at the DSI working on our data-enabled projects and software design for applied research. She received her PhD in statistics from UC LA with a focus on social networks. During office hours, Jane can provide feedback on: network analysis, R, Python, Git, and statistical modeling.

### Tuesdays & Thursdays (Davis) 9-10am and Fridays (Sacramento) 2-4pm

* __[Dr. Carl Stahmer](*: DSI Associate Director for the Humanities and Director of Digital Scholarship at the UC Davis Library.

Carl provides expertise on natural language processing (NLP) and other methods of text mining and language processing. Note that his Friday hours are at the Blaisdel Medial Library on the UC Davis Health campus in Sacramento.

### Tuesdays noon-2pm

* __[Dr. Dan Hicks]( DSI Postdoctoral Scholar. R, RStudio, visualization, philosophy.

Dan is a postdoc at the DSI focusing on data-driven academic institutional effectiveness. He received his PhD in philosophy from Notre Dame and MS in Mathematics from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Prior to coming to the DSI he was a AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the EPA and NSF, and a postdoc at the University of Western Ontario. During office hours, Dan can provide feedback on: bibliometrics (including the Scopus web interface and API); beginner through intermediate skills in R (ggplot, igraph, dplyr, etc.); and philosophical issues in statistics and Data Science.

### Wednesdays 12:15-1:15pm

*__[Dana Iltis](*__: DSI Graduate Student Affiliate. Python.

Dana is a master’s student in computer science. She is proficient in Python and uses it for her research projects.

*__[Jared Joseph](*: DSI Graduate Student Affiliate. RStudio, Networks, Natural Language Processing.

Jared is a Ph.D. student in sociology who studies crime, networks and political corruption. He is proficient in R, and uses it for his own work on networks. He is familiar with the tools surrounding computational social sciences, including openRefine, Unix, git, parallel processing in R, APIs, and basic web scraping.

### Thursdays 10-11am

*__[Arthur Koehl]( DSI Data Scientist. Digital humanities, web scraping, computer vision, Python.

Arthur is a staff data scientist at the DSI with a background in computer science, history and economics. He can advise on digital methods for the humanities, web programming and scraping, natural language processing, computer vision, and unix/linux questions. He programs in Python, C/C++, Javascript and bash. He is also familiar with Perl, Matlab, Java and R.

### Fridays 12:30-1:30pm

* __[Dr. Duncan Temple Lang]( DSI Director, Professor of Statistics and Interim Associate Dean of Graduate Programs.

Duncan provides expertise in advanced topics in data science. His office hours are subject to change, so you are strongly encouraged to email before attending.