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Title: DSI Directions
Author: DSI UC Davis

# Data Science Initiative – Directions

On campus, we’re in [Shields Library](http://campusmap.ucdavis.edu/?b=114).

Within Shields Library

* Walk in the main entrance of the library, go up the first set of stairs.
* Go up the second set of stairs on the right side.
* Go through the double doors at the top of the stairs and turn left.
Walk all the way to the end of the corridor.
During business hours, you can enter the different parts of the DSI as
indicated in the floor plan below.
* A: The entrance of the DSI class room (room 360) is on the far end of the
library near the water fountain and the elevators.
* B: The entrance of the DSI conference room (for office hours) is to the
right of the exit sign.
* C: The entrance of the DSI space is on the far end on the right.
* Ring a bell on the wall at either the entrance of the DSI classroom
(A: room 360) or the DSI workspace (C) if the entrance is locked.

![Map within Shields Library]({filename}images/map-shields-3.png)

General Directions, Parking & Hours

For more information, see the [library’s webpage](https://www.library.ucdavis.edu/library/peter-j-shields/).

Title: DSI Facilities and Space
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# DSI Facilities and Space

The DSI occupies a large space on the 3rd floor of Shields Library.
See the directions at this [page]({filename}directions.md).

DSI workspace

We currently provide office and work space for faculty, researchers, visitors,
postdocs and graduate students who are keen to work on
inter-disciplinary projects related to Data Science.

Join us

DSI classroom – Room 360

Our classroom can seat around 40 participants. We organize seminars
and host Data Science events.
See our calendar to find out if the classroom
is occupied.

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Photo credits: Nistara Randhawa

## DSI conference room – Room 362
We hold office hours in the conference room.